Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.

Status: Drafting


After being caught on camera, shopping with a credit card she stole from one of her classmates—the latest in a series of thefts she’s pulled since junior year—seventeen-year-old aspiring actress Camryn Clark is certain that prison jumpsuit orange is about to become her color of the season and that her Juilliard dreams will remain just that. Not to mention her parents are devastated, as the black scholarship kid at an elite Atlanta Prep school they’ve always taught her that she has to be the best, better than her white classmates are ever expected to be.

But luckily, she receives a second chance. One that forces her to leave the boarding school that’s been home for the past several years and return to the neighborhood where she grew up, to her local, public high school where she’s sure the students won’t know Givenchy from Gucci. Once there she auditions for the spring play, but instead of landing the lead, she’s assigned to crew, where she’s stuck with the nerdiest of nerds. But as she soon learns, there’s more to life than the spotlight. Not only does she make real friends, but she falls fast for Alex, the play’s leading lady, who’s everything her ex wasn’t.

As opening night grows closer, so do Camryn and Alex. But Alex doesn’t know about her past and her parents don’t know about Alex. Suddenly secrets are boiling at the surface. And soon Camryn will be faced with a choice – between who she’s becoming and who she once was. But no matter the decision, one thing’s for certain… The show must go on.

I believe WHAT WOULD AUDREY DO? will appeal to fans of Courtney Summers, Brandy Colbert, & Robin Talley.

  • The title was inspired by my (and the main character’s) love for Audrey Hepburn. And yes there are quotes throughout. While I can’t say that I did credit card theft, I did move and switch from a private to a public school for my senior year. It the hardest thing I’d done at the time, and it taught me more about myself, what it means to be black, my dreams, and the friends I keep than those years at private school ever did.
  • This is a very, very #ownvoices story that I’ve had in my head for years but only recently begun writing thanks to encouragement from a friend. It has many thing I love/loved: theater, bad girls, fashion, and, of course, the south. That being said, this is the first of my books featuring BOTH parents (alive) and together so haha idk what that says about this story/my writing but hey.

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