Teen Writer Struggles & Why This Blog Series

Being a writer who happens to be a teen can suck at times. I remember too well starting out and hearing all the many things adults, even some of my favorite authors, said about teens who write.

  • You’re not good enough
  • You’re just writing yourself into your book
  • You don’t understand dialogue, grammar, etc…
  • You’re too young…Wait a few years until you’re older

The list goes on and on. It’s like adults forget what it was like to be a teen. What it was like to love doing something because it made you whole inside, because it was your only way of communicating with a world that wasn’t listening to you, because you wanted to. You see the thing about being an adult is the further you get into adulthood, in order to be normal, you have to conform and a lot of times conformity = losing sight of yourself & your dreams. (Thankfully most creative types aren’t like that.)

I like writing need to write. I’m a writer. And the summer after my first year in college I “got serious” about writing and wrote my first book. (I’d written a lot of stories before then, but I never finished them.) It’s unpublished, as are the other two novels I’ve written since then, but I’ve learned a lot in these three years, won a few awards, been published in a few magazines, met many writers and editors, started work as a book publicist, and now I’m querying agents (and things are on the up and up), so though I don’t know everything, I do know a thing or two (or two hundred) about writing (and the publishing industry but more on that later).

Most of all I know what it feels like to want to be validated, to want to be recognized as someone with talent, albeit very raw talent. I still get sad when rejections come in, but I’ve learned that following your dreams means never giving up.

I’ve also had a lot of mentors along the way, writers who have helped me at every stage of my writing journey. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. But not everyone has mentors and so I thought why not do something that my younger self, because at 21 I’m really ancient (LOL), would’ve loved. You see I stopped writing (and reading) for fun during high school because I didn’t feel supported and I didn’t think it would ever amount to anything (aka I started listening to the naysayers). Thankfully, I was wrong.

So, teens, consider this blog series your writing grimoire.


Haha, well I am a Speculative Fiction writer and Bible and manual just don’t have the same ring to them.

This shall be your spell book. Your (unofficial) guidebook on how to write. But not how to write because I’m sure you know that. How to write well, how to write a novel, how to build characters, a world, etc… that people want to read about. But, like magic, these posts will have limitations. They’re not an end all be all, they’re not a guarantee or your money back kinda deal, they’re resources, things to get you to the point of being able to validate yourself (& your writing) instead of waiting for others to do it for you.

The first spell, ahem, writing tip/lesson/pep talk/what have you will be posted later today (there won’t be a set schedule, but I aim to post at least a week). And if there’s a certain topic you’d like me to cover, features you’d like to see, or any questions you have about writing (or books) like, idk, my OTP (not Katniss and Pita Peeta, sorry not sorry), feel free to ask me via the tumblr! However, if you have something more drawn out you’d like to say, you can contact me via email.

I believe in you. Don’t give up. Now get back to writing.


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