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Off, Off & Away

The day is August 31, 2012, and my clock currently reads 1:19 AM.  By the time you read this post I’ll already be a plane, halfway to Boston to begin my sophomore year in college.  But that’s not why I’m writing this post, sure I could write about my family, and valuing every minute with others, and saying goodbye, yada yada yada but I’m trying to steer out of the pit of emotions that I often live in.

Instead this post is about my summer and all the things I’ve accomplished and you can accomplish in three months.  

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Ira Glass on Storytelling (Part 3/4)

“Your taste is still killer…you can tell what you’re making is a disappointment to you...Everybody goes through that – Ira Glass

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I’m Starved For You

**This is from a published article I wrote for my college’s newspaper.**

Awakening Our Society: A Review of the Kindle Single

“I’m Starved for You”

A new form of literature for the new generation

Owl rating:

This month (March 2012), bestselling author Margaret Atwood released her first Kindle Single titled “I’m Starved for You” through with the digital publishing company Byliner. E-singles, which are digital novellas, have grown in popularity since the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Singles in January 2011. Although less than 30,000 words, “I’m Starved for You,” efficiently tells a gripping story about a married man struggling with his obsessive desire for another man’s wife. From the start, the e-single raises compelling questions such as “what kind of world is our society becoming?” and “how will we try and fix the problems we have created?”

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Keep Going :)

Never give up, we can, we will accomplish our goals 🙂

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Some people have the talent to take them to the stars, but they lack the character to keep them there. ~Joyce Meyers

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Interview with YA Author Oliver Dahl

Interested in Self-Publishing, have dreams of being the next Christopher Paolini, don’t think kids can write?  Well, whether you answered yes or no…

Meet Oliver Dahl:

Hi, My name is Oliver Dahl. I am fourteen years old, and I published my first book, The Dreamers, a little over a year ago, at thirteen. That October, I was named one of Idaho’s Top 50 Authors. I was later named Idaho’s “Student of the Year”. My second book will come out this fall.

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Like I said, Just do it 🙂 Whimsically Yours, PnC