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Write What You Know

You can view my inspiration for this post here: “Write What You Know” Does Not Mean What You Think It Does — After reading the above article and pondering for a while, I realized that I had already written what I knew.  My character, Aziza, from my manuscript BLOOD OF ISIS is a reflection of myself.  When creating… Read more »

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King’s On Writing – Review

I just started reading On Writing, when I finish I’ll definitely post about it but this is a great review. If you are a writer you MUST/NEED to read his book. King has an amazing no bullsh*t approach to writing and life, something that is said and seen from the first few pages. Enjoy! Whimsically… Read more »

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Repost: Kids Can’t Write

What’s next?” said Novelist Tom Robbins “Kiddie architects, juvenile dentists, 11-year-old rocket scientists? Any parent who thinks that the crafting of engrossing, meaningful, publishable fiction requires less talent and experience than designing a house, extracting a wisdom tooth, or supervising a lunar probe is, frankly, delusional.”

“There are no prodigies in literature,” Mr. Robbins said. “Literature requires experience, in a way that mathematics and music do not.”