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#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour! (with help from Holmes & Watson…Elementary style)

It’s true 🙂 Good Afternoon Readers 😀 It’s a Monday, yay!! (I’m only excited because I’m officially on Summer Brreeakkk!!!) Anyway, last Monday the wonderfully talented Jayme Woods tagged me to participate in this blog tour. Definitely check out her post as it’s hilarious & this one is a bit of a spin-off in that I… Read more »

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My Spring Writing Bootcamp Goals!

Hi Y’all 😀 Good afternoon! It’s March, woohoo!! In honor of Spring, even though in Boston it’s still winter, the I’m joining the YA Buccaneers’ Spring Writing Bootcamp (yay accountability!). For more info on the SWB, visit the YA Buccaneers’ blog to learn more (& sign-up) 🙂 SWB, as I’ve now dubbed it, couldn’t have… Read more »

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July TCWT Blog Chain

Good Afternoon Readers 🙂  I’m here today as a part of the TCWT July Blog Chain.  I can honestly say this is one of the best characterization exercises I’ve ever done, all my characters are going to a therapy session now (yes, even…especially you Aziza).  The prompt is below, enjoy the scene!  Oh an btw,… Read more »

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WIP Updates!!!!

Hey Readers!  I’m so so excited to give you a special preview of my current/forever work-in-progress, BLOOD OF ISIS!!!  As you might know I’ve been working on this story forever (no, not really…only a year).  I wrote it last summer, edited it by the Fall, thought I was finished, started querying, got only one full request… Read more »

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Whimsically Yours


Good Afternoon Readers!

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter, whether it is nice and sunny or rather cold & snowy (like it her, in Texas *gasp*).  So as many of you may remember I mentioned in the post before last, Endings and Beginnings, that I started a new writing project.  Well, today is the day that I finally reveal that new project to you…enjoy!

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Endings and Beginnings

start - finishToday is the end, well almost nearly the end, of the first semester of my Sophomore year in college.  And, it feels great!  Why?  Because I know every ending is really just a new beginning sad thing is it can often take a whole semester to learn/remember that.

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Writer’s Block?

writers block

Writer’s Block aka The Enemy.  Does it truly exist, and if so how do we defeat it?

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THE OTHERWORLDLY CHRONICLES Sixteen year old Eva Alexandra hates her name. Her mother is always telling her that it is the “name befitting of a princess”, however Eva Alexandra is no princess…or so she thinks. In Redwood City, California life is good; the weather is always wonderful and its inhabitants enjoy life in the beautiful… Read more »