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Why You (& Every Writer You Know) Should Attend WriteOnCon

I’ll go ahead and admit it. The title of this post is a bit misleading. Technically WriteOnCon is only for writers of Paperback books through New Adult, but, regardless of the category you write in, you can learn a lot by attending. What’s WriteOnCon? You don’t know?? Haha joking. It’s only the coolest online (FREE!)… Read more »

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Write What You Love, <3!

Hey Readers! This post is a part of my (Teen) Writers’ Grimoire ongoing, dare I say infinite, blog series. Visit the About page for more information. Writing can be hard work, but often we, writers, make it harder than it has to be. A couple weeks ago I was having a hard time and my writing… Read more »

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Chapter One Young Writers Conference: 2014 Blog Tour!!

Happy Friday, Readers! Today, I’m participating in the Ch1Con Blog Tour!! What’s Ch1Con? …Seriously? It’s THE coolest writers conference for young writers (middle school through undergraduate)…aka it’s where all the cool kids will be. This year, the conference takes place from June 14-15 just outside Chicago, Illinois. The team includes CEO Julia Byers, Creative Director Molly Brennan,… Read more »

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Teens taking over world

We teens seem to be taking over the world…what’s new 😉 Whimsically Yours, PnC

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Updates – 11/29/12

Updates!!!! eXpose – my college fashion org’s student run fashion show has been postponed until next semester which means I have all of Winter break to work on my designs!!! At 4pm EST today 12/3/12 look for a review of the YA Dystopia Sovereign by E.R. Arroyo, check out her interview with moi 🙂 Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will announce a book giveaway… Read more »

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Interview with YA Writer Stephanie Diaz

Meet Stephanie who, at the time of this interview, was a fellow 19 year old writer and is a college student.  She’s now 20!!! Happy belated birthday.  But for the purpose of Teens Can Write TOO! Week she’s a writer who has some great words of wisdom for us all 🙂


I’m Stephanie, a 19-year-old writer (I’ll be 20 on October 7!) born and raised in Southern California. The book that got me my agent and will be on sub pretty soon is a YA sci-fi called Extraction. It’s about a girl named Clementine who wins an escape from a settlement on a planet where the moon is poisonous and children are killed off when they turn twenty. Only, she has to leave a boy who’s very special to her behind.

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Interview with Teen Writer Amy Zhang

Hello Readers,

Today, as a part of Teens Can Write TOO! Week, I would like to introduce you to Amy Zhang, she’s an agented writer & a lit agent intern who’s 16!  She also has a great sense of humor 🙂

Hi! I’m Amy, sixteen, represented by Emily Keyes of the L. Perkins Agency. My YA fantasy on subs, WILDFLOWER, is about a girl who isn’t sure why she’s still alive, a boy who believes that love is a weakness, and the pointless annual Wars that bring them together. There’s some blood and some dying and some kissing and some backstabbing. I’m also revising a very different kind of fantasy, tentatively titled BENEATH DISQUIET STARS, about a girl who lost her name and was given a promise: that very soon she would lose her life as well, or her first love would lose his.

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Interview with YA Author Oliver Dahl

As a part of BOOKTOBERFEST!‘s Teens Can Write TOO! week, I present to you my interview with Oliver Dahl…this is a repost of an interview I had with him on 08/20/2012 🙂

Interested in self-publishing, have dreams of being the next Christopher Paolini, don’t think kids can write?  

Well, whether you answered yes or no…

Meet Oliver Dahl:

Hi, My name is Oliver Dahl. I am fourteen years old, and I published my first book, The Dreamers, a little over a year ago, at thirteen. That October, I was named one of Idaho’s Top 50 Authors. I was later named Idaho’s “Student of the Year”. My second book will come out this fall.

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Teens Can Write TOO!

Hello All,

I’m super duper excited to bring you the final themed week inBOOKTOBERFEST!...Teens Can Write TOO!  A collection of interviews with teens at various stages of the writing process 🙂