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Jane By Design Wardrobe


I love this show and these outfits would make my closet complete…can I have them pretty please ūüôā

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The Budget Fashionista: Handbags – MARC by Marc Jacobs

MARC by Marc Jacobs is the world renown fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ “affordable” line.

I say that in quotes because while it is much more affordable that his main line it definitely is not one of my everyday shopping favs.

This line is very stylish and the handbags in it are no less so. ¬†In the MARC by Marc Jacobs line ¬†the handbags that I’d put in the “if you can only have one then you’d better pick me”¬†category would be his Crossbody bags. ¬†

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Fourth of July Swag

In honor of the Fourth of July , fashion, Instagram, and all things swaggerific, I have decided to write this post: