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How do you know when your MS is ready to query?

So over at WriteOnCon the lovely literary Lara Perkins from Andrea Brown Literary, posted about how to know if your MS is ready to query.  Now this is something I’ve read a lot about, sometimes I hear only “when it’s finished” and sometimes people give more detail that still isn’t very helpful, but Ms. Perkins provided a wonderful checklist:

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My Journey to the Bookshelf (pt.1)

I have been writing all my life, starting stories but never ending them. I would stop writing for long periods of time and then I would start again. I even tried the NaNoWriMo challenge but it was not for me. It was not until a month and half/two months ago that I actually began a story. Other than the fact that I love mythology, especially Greek and Egyptian, I honestly do not remember how the story came about. I worked diligently on my book for a couple of weeks telling myself that I would be done by July 20th. Then I stopped for a while. It was not until a few weeks ago that I decided to start back up again. I said that I would write 13 pages a day (the amount I thought I needed to reach my goal date). July 20th came and went and I was still not finished however…

Yesterday around 3:10-3:15pm I finished writing my book:

Blood of Isis (Daughters of the Prophecy #1)

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A Thousand Words

take care with what you say because you never know when when word may be your last.