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Updates – 11/29/12

Updates!!!! eXpose – my college fashion org’s student run fashion show has been postponed until next semester which means I have all of Winter break to work on my designs!!! At 4pm EST today 12/3/12 look for a review of the YA Dystopia Sovereign by E.R. Arroyo, check out her interview with moi 🙂 Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will announce a book giveaway… Read more »

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Get On Your Bus

Hello Readers,

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday, and unlike me, are 100% not under the weather.  I’m going through my yearly “change of the seasons illness” where I literally go from having a sore throat to body aches to a snuffy then runny nose all within the course of a few days 🙁  So in honor of the fact that I don’t feel well enough to do much movement I wanted to discuss the importance of “getting on your bus”.

I was inspired to write this post by a post my father posted on his fitness/wellness blog for his company Bfit Solutions.  The post is titled “Get On Your Bus” as is mine, so please check it out…he’s far more inspirational and wise than I am 🙂

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Things Harry Potter Taught Me


Our lives may not be perfect and we may not live forever but I truly believe that if we follow the lessons of Harry Potter not only will we do great things but we may just learn to live a little as well.

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Dear Aziza,

Dear Aziza,

I have much to tell you and not so much time to tell it so I have decided to write you a letter, hopefully this will do the trick.

I have much to tell you and not so much time to tell it so I have decided to write you a letter, hopefully this will do the trick.

In less than a year you will have graduated from Lawrencehill, and though you do not know it yet you will have changed. But that is not what is important what is important is that you not be afraid to be yourself. I know that your life hasn’t been easy, your father is not around, and you mother, for the most part, is consumed with her work. And when she is there all she does is nag you. You have never felt like she really understands who you are but you’ve always been too afraid to tell her. So afraid that instead of being yourself you’ve hid it in a little box under your bed and have tried as hard as possible to live up to her expectations.

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Growing Up

Never Ever Ever Grow Up…you can mature, actually please do but don’t grow up. There are already too many grown ups who aren’t following their dreams or who are immature what the world needs is more people who remembers what it’s like to be young 🙂

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My Self Portrait

Self Portrait

I dance with flowers in my hair. Feet pounding against the ancient grass, cold against my skin, sun blazing on my back. Through the wind sprits of other worlds whisper stories in my ear. My hand moves freely transcribing their words-mind blank, unguiding their truth, letting the prose flow. I have my genius. I am both warrior and child

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My Little World

The little world of mine

I always try to create

Where no room to repine

Where I make my fate

More than just some papers

Where dreams come alive

Drawing my own rainbow

A great pleasure I derive

Try to read my unlocked mind

And watch my imagination

Can’t you see what I hide?

A whole world of creation.

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A Thousand Words

take care with what you say because you never know when when word may be your last.

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The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

If there’s any one word that can be used to describe this teen blogger and her post it’s determined. This teen is determined to succeed and do well in her life.

I found this post to be very uplifting: in it she states that she has/had an illness that made her physically weaker yet she makes a point to let you know that she’s still as determined as ever.

This post is almost like a call to arms, meant reminding you that no one or thing but yourself can stop you and at the same time reminding you that we are only human. Check her out!

Whimsically Yours,