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The Weekly Fashionista: For the Love of Scarves

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

I love scarves.  They are the perfect accessory to any and every outfit.  And…as much as I love summer, it’s finally Fall or Autumn (whatever you prefer) so now you can wear scarves and not look ridiculous.

Now as with everything, buying a good scarf depends on how well you know your scarves.  Scarves can be found everywhere this time of year, from Claire’s & Charming Charlie’s to Target,  H&M, Nordstrom, Burberry and beyond!  For all scarves are NOT created equal.

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Vogue Then And Now

I love Vogue.  And finally after weeks of forgetting I got THE Vogue September Issue.  OMG!!!  It’s a Fashionista Must Have.  This issue though is a special one because it celebrates Vogue’s 120th anniversary!!!  I will be posting a more detailed post tomorrow but for now I wanted to share with you some amazing photos highlighting Vogue’s journey to where it is now 🙂


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The Weekly Fashionista: Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) (Part 1)

Happy Monday Readers,

Hope your summer is going swell! First I just wanted to apologize in the lateness of The Weekly Fashionista, I’ve been a very busy writing/editing my book, but enough excuses. This is going to be a two-week spanning, double whammy post. The first part will fous on sunglasses for men and for women and the second part will focus on sandals, so without further ado I give you:

Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) (Part 1): Sunglasses

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”
-Jack Nicholson

And to highlight some of these trends is one of my favorite celebrity couples: Posh & Becks

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The Weekly Fashionista: The Lace Edition

This is a special edition of the Weekly Fashionista post, usually in this post we would cover three hot fashion items but

in honor of this season’s hottest trend we have decided to only focus on one thing: