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My Adventures in Half Price Books

The post “It’s About Time” is a post by a 16 year old teen lifestyle blogger.

Yesterday, in honor of my first
pay day of the summer, I went to my local Half Price Books.

There is something special about being in a used books store, even if it’s a chain one. I love the smells, and seeing people move around looking for “that book”. It’s a really great atmosphere because you don’t get all of loudness and craziness that’s in a new bookstore. For some reason new bookstores seem to all the crazies that used book one just don’t.

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The 13 Page Pledge

As you may or may not know I am currently writing a book for young adults titled .

However I just keep hitting stopping points in my writing, not because it’s hard to write but because it’s hard to push my self to sit down and do it. At the beginning of the summer, when I started the book, I set a “to be completed by date”. That date, based off me writing every day, is July 20th.

As of right now I probably have less than 50 pages done, so in order to be finished or close to finished by July 20th…

I have pledged to write 13 pages every day.

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I Have a Personal Library…and a Kindle

Once again…I’m guilty as charged (yeah, it happens a lot). So I’ve been a book lover since I could read, I remember trying to read War and Peace in 5th grade…hahaha fail. It’s always been my dream and goal to have like this huge library in my house. You almost never can catch me without… Read more »

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Reblogged + My Thoughts

Guilty as charged….lol when I go to my local library the same librarians have worked there since I was a child. When they see me in line with my mountains of books they always have this look on their face like…will she ever stop…I almost want to say “Um, I’ve been coming here and doing… Read more »

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How I Rate Books

When people read books, magazines, watch a movie or engage in any kind of similar activity they mentally rate the material by comparing it to a baseline of what they think it should be like or to similar materials. Whatever the method, the fact is that it is human nature to want to rate or evaluate the activities that we engage in.