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Interview with YA Author Oliver Dahl

Interested in Self-Publishing, have dreams of being the next Christopher Paolini, don’t think kids can write?  Well, whether you answered yes or no…

Meet Oliver Dahl:

Hi, My name is Oliver Dahl. I am fourteen years old, and I published my first book, The Dreamers, a little over a year ago, at thirteen. That October, I was named one of Idaho’s Top 50 Authors. I was later named Idaho’s “Student of the Year”. My second book will come out this fall.

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Interview with YA Author Rebekah L. Purdy

Rebekah L. Purdy is a Young Adult author who after years of querying has finally become a published author. She is the author of the amazingly hilarious first book in The Fairy Godmother Files Series: Cinderella Complex

(review coming soon)

My name is Rebekah (waves hi).