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The 13 Page Pledge

As you may or may not know I am currently writing a book for young adults titled .

However I just keep hitting stopping points in my writing, not because it’s hard to write but because it’s hard to push my self to sit down and do it. At the beginning of the summer, when I started the book, I set a “to be completed by date”. That date, based off me writing every day, is July 20th.

As of right now I probably have less than 50 pages done, so in order to be finished or close to finished by July 20th…

I have pledged to write 13 pages every day.

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So I’ve Been Thinking


I love this blog. When I started this blog, only a little more than a week ago, I was just plain angry. I wanted to share with the world my thoughts, my feelings, and who I really am. Since then this blog has really evolved into something more than my need to share myself with the world.

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My Self Portrait


If I could paint my self portrait what would it show?

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MAC Elections Under Debate – The Wellesley News

This is an article I wrote for my college’s newspaper, The Wellesley News, on a campus-wide debate that was going on in regards to our college government elections.  This was the first time I wrote for the News Section of the newspaper, and in writing of this piece I got to interview several people, including… Read more »

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Debates over Obamacare Continue in the Supreme Court – The Wellesley News

This is an article I wrote for my college newspaper, the Wellesley News, about Obamacare.  In it I break down Obamacare and simplify the debate by using the “three-legged stool” metaphor to represent the different parts of the law. Debates over Obamacare continue in the Supreme Court – Wellesley News – Wellesley College

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Please Stop Apologizing! – The Wellesley News

“Please Stop Apologizing!” is an article I wrote for The Wellesley News’s Opinions section that was written in response to Bill Maher’s article for the NY Times of the same name. In it I talk about why overacting is not always a good thing. Please stop apologizing! – Opinions – Wellesley News – Wellesley College#

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“Once Upon a Time” is Timeless Again – The Wellesley News

An article I wrote for the Arts section of my college’s student run newspaper about society’s newest fad: fairy tales. “Once upon a time” is timeless again – Arts – Wellesley News – Wellesley College#.T8KKF9U1_To

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Trans* 101 Workshop Defies Institutional Teachings – The Wellesley News

This is an article I wrote for my college newspaper, The Wellesley News’s, News section about a Trans* 101 workshop, open to the public, hosted by Siblings, a group for Trans students and their Allies. Trans* 101 workshop defies institutional teachings – News – Wellesley News – Wellesley College#.T8KJdNU1_To