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Write What You Love, <3!

Hey Readers! This post is a part of my (Teen) Writers’ Grimoire ongoing, dare I say infinite, blog series. Visit the About page for more information. Writing can be hard work, but often we, writers, make it harder than it has to be. A couple weeks ago I was having a hard time and my writing… Read more »

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College Writer Tag

Happy Thursday Readers, it’s almost the weekend!!! One month ago, I was nominated for the College Writer Tag by Julia of Julia the Writer Girl (she’s pretty awesome, stop by her blog!…thank you, Julia!!!). Since this has been quite a busy Fall, I’m just now getting around to it. Here we go, folks! The Questions… Read more »

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Some Great (& Hilarious) Advice (for anyone really)

So this is already listed under my “Writer Resources” tab on this blog’s menu however I re-watched it yesterday and thought I should post it. It’s pretty darn good which is why I shall let it do the talking as I go back to doing what I (truly) do best, writing. Many thanks to Veronica… Read more »

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Five Things I Know At 27

It might sound selfish but it’s true “focus on yourself first” You can’t help others or at least shouldn’t before helping yourself 🙂

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Advice to Fellow Writers

Reblog of post from my writer’s site…some advice to fellow writers as a result of an email I received.

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Interview with MG Author Gina Willner-Pardo

As my sayonara to Middle Grade Mentions, I would like to introduce, Middle Grade Author  Gina Willner-Pardo, enjoy 🙂

Hi! My name is Gina Willner-Pardo, and I’ve been writing children’s books for a long time!  My first book, NATALIE SPITZER’S TURTLES, was published in 1992, and my seventeenth book, PRETTIEST DOLL (published by Clarion), is coming out on November 6, 2012.

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Ira Glass on Storytelling (Part 3/4)

“Your taste is still killer…you can tell what you’re making is a disappointment to you...Everybody goes through that – Ira Glass

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Set Unrealistic Goals

Set Unrealistic Goals is one of my three mottos listed on my writer site

This post is a part of my “how to write a book” post series however its advice can be taken outside of the writing world.

I’ve always thought it very interesting that when we are younger we are told to “dream big” or “be whoever we want to be” but as we get older it turns into “be realistic”.