The Philippa Gregory Canon (can it be said to be a canon, I think so. Point being, her historical fiction books have been my favorites, since I was twelve.)

Ann Rinaldi (pretty sure I’ve read all her books, led to me falling in love with historical fiction)

Holly Black (taught me everything I needed to know about faeries)

Rick Riordan (I heard him speak once…amazing man & great storyteller; he brought mythology to young readers)

Anne Rice (began my love for all things Vampire…she’s the Queen…The End)

Neal Shusterman (his stories make me cringe, cry, and think deeply about humanity…if you haven’t read one of his books you need to 🙂

C.S. Lewis

Margaret Atwood

Marion Zimmer Bradley

C.W. Gortner (some of the best historical fiction I’ve read)

Melissa de la Cruz (such a versatile author)

Ally Carter 

Octavia Butler (the love of my life)

Audre Lorde (my other love <3)

Malcolm X

Maggie Stiefvater

J.D. Robb


Louisa May Alcott

Patricia Briggs

Scott Westerfeld 

William Shakespeare

Meg Cabot (a fellow Aquarius, that’s all that matters…jk, her books are also amazing)

More to come…


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