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Hello! Patrice here 🙂 I love reading and reviewing books; it’s part of the reason why I started this blog. That being said, I ONLY review books I really like and/or love. I want to gush about the books that I adore; I don’t have the time/I don’t wish to to write negatives reviews of books. So feel free to contact me about review your novel, but because I know my tastes better than anyone (except for my mama, possibly), I reserve the right not to accept a review copy and/or not review a book. I know, this should be obvious, but, although this hasn’t happened to me, I’ve heard too many stories of authors getting mad at bloggers for saying they don’t want to review a title or that they didn’t like a book when the author sent them an ARC, etc…, so consider this fair warning.

Below are some “guidelines” of book genres I generally like or dislike. You, of course, don’t have to read the guidelines, but if you send me something I clearly state I don’t like to read, don’t expect me to respond.



I LOVE books set in non-Western cultures and/or featuring diverse casts (LGBTQ, POC, disabled characters, etc…)

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and digital copies (I prefer Kindle formatted books but PDFs work). If the book is not the first book in a series of books I may need the previous books in order to do a thorough review.

I do NOT accept audio books.

I used to have a lot more guidelines here, however the best thing to do is look at my goodreads shelves to get an idea of the type of books I like to read.

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