In the Claremont household there is no Santa Claus, to be fair there’s no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either. From a young age, Aaron and Kaia’s parents had been quick to tell them, those things did not exist. So I suppose you could say it was fate, and their parents’ winning a one month cruise to Alaska, that brought Aaron and Kaia Claremont to the one place their mother had sworn they’d never go.

For Aaron Claremont this is THE WORST summer EVER. Instead of spending it hanging with friends or playing video games he’s forced to go to middle-of-nowhere-ville, Texas, where then internet is nonexistent, and stay with his batty yet kind aunt who own’s a mysterious, and really dusty, antique shop that has been in their family for generations. But for his little sister, Kaia, this is the summer’s she’s wished for, a time to spend with her big brother, who, though once her constant companion, online co-ops with strangers more than he plays with her.

But what Aaron and Kaia don’t know is that the shop, Merlin’s Marvels, holds artifacts from just about every myth and fairy tale you know (and one’s you’ve never been told). So when, their aunt disappears and the shop comes alive, Aaron and Kaia must journey to the Otherworld, a place where creatures and gods of myth and magic live, to save their aunt and defeat an evil sorcerer who wishes to take over the shop and thus the two worlds.

TGA is a fantastical adventure, a dangerous journey, a story about the lengths one will go to protect family, and, most of all, it’s a story about siblinghood. TGA is very dear to my heart as Aaron and Kaia are based on my younger brother and sister. It’s one of those stories where the words, voices, everything comes easily (like magic). I suppose you could say it’s the story of my heart.

Completed Manuscript(s)

ALEX DE VEGA AND PANDORA’S BOX* –  (Set in the year 3146) When a high-tech energy cube codenamed Pandora’s Box goes missing, twelve-year-old criminal mastermind Alex is hired by The Agency—New Atlantis’s secret intelligence service—to retrieve it from supernatural creatures who wish to use it to destroy the city in return for a cure for her comatose sister.

*I won the SCBWI Winter 2014 Student Writer Scholarship thanks to ALEX DE VEGA AND PANDORA’S BOX!!

This is story for my little sisters (I have three). Growing up I read a lot of boy protagonist MG and always wanted a girl protagonist in an action series who did the same things the boys did, if not better, and so Alex is that girl. Buckle up, I promise this’ll be a wild ride.


Kevin A. Lewis

Did you ever try Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich? I didn’t have any luck around there (they never sail out of sight of the Conventional Wisdom) but I suspect it might be worth a drop-in, and they’ve got one of the only interesting agent blogs on the net-with a deep list if Jim’s too whatever to bite…Give ’em a shot!


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