Genre: Adult Cyberpunk

Status: Drafting

Set in 2066, PLAYER VS. PLAYER tells the story of Kai, a detective in the NYPD, who begins to investigate a string of mysterious deaths, including that of her childhood best friend, and their connection to the city’s leading megacorp, GlamTech, and Maya, the heir to GlamTech who’s secretly a wanted hacker and the leader of the underground resistance movement seeking to take GlamTech down.

I believe PLAYER VS. PLAYER will appeal to fans of Ready Player One, Duplicity by N.K. Traver, Cory Doctorow, and Dan Wells, as well as cyberpunk favorites Blade RunnerSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson and Ghost in the Shell (whose digital worlds inspired my own). PVP was heavily influenced by the classic hero’s journey + The Odyssey and The Divine Comedy.

  • It was inspired by my love of cyberpunk, simulation video games, portal fantasies, and The Matrix.
  • It was also inspired by this image via Pinterest. It started as a Snow White retelling (it’s not anymore) but there are several Snow White references and strands throughout.
  • I wrote this for my younger self, as I try to with all my stories, as a result there’s a lot in it about mental health, everlasting friendships + friend betrayals (both Maya and Kai have best friends who play key roles in PVP), gender and sexuality, addictions, nerd culture, familial + societal expectations, and being unafraid to love yourself unconditionally.
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