Lost Girl (Urban Fantasy world, diversity in sexuality (without slut shaming & horrible bisexual stereotypes), race, you name it + a really dynamic, hot, & funny cast. Oh and the cherry on top = Vex & Kenzi)

Leverage (a show about con artists, yes!!)

Orange Is the New Black (what a cast of characters…so in love)

Alias (can’t help myself…her disguises are so good)

Vampire Diaries (uber guilty pleasure)

Game of Thrones (Epic Fantasy + Daenerys Targaryen + Arya Stark (everyone else can be killed) …nuff said)

Breaking Bad (so weird yet so good…my dad got me hooked on this one (he has great taste + shares my love for Joss Whedon))

Nashville (it pleases the country gal in me, plus I love Hayden Panettiere)

Revenge (got tired of it by the end of the first season but I enjoyed most of it)

Scandal (Kerry Washington…need I say more???)

Borgias (not the Showtime series, the Tom Fontana one aka the historically accurate(er) one)

The Tudors (I know it lacks historically at times but the cast is amazing!)

Gossip Girl (my not so secret addiction…Blair + Chuck forever!!! Yay!)

Jane By Design (I want her wardrobe)

Weeds (I’m on Season 3, I used to be obsessed not so much anymore but still good)

Lie To Me & Dollhouse – ALL TIME FAVORITES (why were they cancelled???…actually I think I have this curse because about 50% of the TV shows I watch end up being cancelled after the first season or two…also (in the case of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon!  I’ve watched everything of his but Firely & Cabin in the Woods, I suppose I should get on those.)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (come on…you know it’s hilarious plus…Joss Whedon for the win)

X-Files (my mom got me hooked on this when I was younger…I often want my writing to have some of the dark yet quirkiness this show had)

Heroes (great series but I got tired of it before the last season)

The Good Wife (I’m so far behind…)

True Blood (secret addiction…guess I just spilled the beans)

Once upon A Time (My friends got be hooked on this series, I’m eternally in their favor)


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