The Dresden Files

Proxy (super awesome/sad/cool/futuristic/dystopian adventure oh and btw…one of the MCs is gay & it’s not about his coming out experience (finally!!))

The Selection (This made me laugh/giggle/sigh (longingly) so much. America (the MC) is wonderful…think The Bachelor + The Hunger Games…yeah, exactly it’s that good)

Divergent (damn good plus its author, Veronica Roth is super sweet and has an amazingly helpful/supportive blog for writers)

Game of Thrones (an amazing Epic Fantasy = love)

Blue Bloods (combined two of my loves…history & vampires aka genius)

Harry Potter (taught me almost everything I needed to know about life…especially, NO POST ON SUNDAYS :))

Twilight -Not a strong favorite anymore but I did love it once and I have to give it some creds…

1. Unlike most popular vampire books at the time the female lead actually became a vampire (broken YA vamp code that many YA paranormal authors began to follow)

2. she broke the one vampire rule that’s never broken, the thing that makes vampires lonely and thus mysterious and alluring…BELLA HAD A CHILD…genius 🙂

Uglies (Tally-wa…can’t wait for the movie!!!)

Mercy Thompson

Cirque Du Freak (Darren Shan)

The Royal Diaries

Percy Jackson (mythology…need I say more?…um, no)

The Bar Code Tattoo 

 Once Upon A Time (retold fairy tales from around the world!)

Anita Blake (Books 1-10ish = amazing, next several not so much but they are getting better :))

Chicagoland Vampires

Night Huntress

In Death (Eve Dallas – J.D. Robb)

Vampire Academy (can’t wait for the movie!!!)

Canaan (Marek Halter)

Private (Kate Brian) (if you thought Gossip Girl was good this is so much better (book wise the TV series is awful…GG rules the small screen))

The Hunger Games

Anne of Green Gables

Little House On The Prairie (my mom read me this when I was little…love, love, love!)

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