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“Renaissance Girls” by Oh Land

 Screenshot from Oh Land’s musical video for “Renaissance Girls” (don’t they look like bosses?) I recently discovered Oh Land’s song “Renaissance Girls” (technically I recently discovered Oh Land). It’s a song that speaks to me, and, I suspect, the multitudes of people like me because although we have been taught that we should do one… Read more »

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DIVERGENT TRAILER!!!! (Fangirl Time)

OMG!!  I don’t know how I haven’t seen this yet but it made me remember why I love this series so much.  Think about it, it’s all about figuring out who you are in a world where you’re not only supposed to know but conform to a certain group identity.  And for those of us… Read more »

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Sea of Monsters was… alright.

I just got back from seeing Sea of Monsters, the film adaptation of the second book in the Percy Jackson series, and I have to say, it wasn’t that spectacular.  On one hand, I loved it, because I loved the books.  Also I like seeing film adaptations, i usually don’t mind creative liberty, as long… Read more »

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Five reasons Shailene Woodley could make a great Tris in ‘Divergent’

So very, very happy she got this role…so perfect. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Huger Games/Divergent comparisons, because they are two different books, but if we really want to go there, I loved Hunger Games but Divergent is a much stronger book…cannot wait for the movie 🙂 Also I still need to read Insurgent…

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2013 Book to Movie Challenge

I know reading books before movies can end horribly (in the case of Eragon) or wonderfully in the case of (Harry Potter – I actually thought they were great adaptations & LOTR) nevertheless, a bookworms gotta do what a bookworms gotta do. I’ve chosen Movie Devotee which means I’m reading 6 books: Beautiful Creatures – I’ve seen it… Read more »

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The Avengers – On Writing

Well as we all know, if the Avengers say it then it must be true…now only if I can find a place on my wall to put this 😉

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If You Like It Then You’d Betta Put a Title on It

(imagine this baby is your book…no pressure)

Titles are extremely important.

Take the title of this post: By looking at this title you can figure out 1) This post has something to do with titles & their importance and 2) because of the pop culture reference it is probably written in a more relaxed style aka not a formal essay.



My intention is not to seem like a writer who thinks that just by writing and/or publishing a book they now know everything…this is more of me sharing my experiences, trials/errors, from writing my first book while I am writing a new one.

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Giles on Books

Computers vs Books – From the mouth of one of my favorite TV characters: Rupert Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Watch Out Generation Z (Toyota Venza Commercial)

This commercial is hilarious. It is a direct hit at my generation
(Generation Z), and I love it.

I consider myself to be “in the know” but I am nowhere as obsessed with social media as this girl is portrayed to be…even though I do have various social media sites I am a part of (guilty as charged).

I am sure that each one of us knows someone, if it is not yourself, who has said something similar to this. I know I hear it all of the time, in fact just a few months ago I was remarking about how my mother only had 10 Facebook friends.

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I don’t really like my summer internship, but then again it is just a summer job and I am thankful to have one. However sometimes, when I get really bored and start to stare at all the little cubicles, aka all of the time, I wonder if something like this might happen.