Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller
Status:  Researching & Drafting

In the middle of what should’ve been a simple heist, Jenna, a 17yo spy, is burned. Blacklisted. Cut off from her assets, her resources, and her life for the past five years, she barely escapes Cairo and is forced to return to Boston to her mom, who thinks she’s been away at boarding school, her best friend, a skilled hacker who’s often in trouble thanks to the women she dates, and her ex-boyfriend, a diplomat’s son and grifter, she can’t trust. Desperate to get back in, Jenna (with the help said friend Quinn) offers to help a man who’s been wronged by The Backstabber, a notorious criminal. She figures, if she can catch the man who’s second on The Agency’s most wanted list, they’ll have no choice but to reinstate her.

There’s just one catch: the man she helps is The Backstabber. And when the job goes wrong, revealing the location of the biggest find since King Tut’s tomb (the one her mom’s entire career hinges on), Jenna will have to amass a team of the very criminals she used to catch in order to take down The Backstabber once and for all.

If she fails, not only will her mom’s career be over, but prison jumpsuit orange will be Jenna’s next favorite color. If she succeeds, she’ll catch one of the world’s biggest criminals. But, more importantly, she’ll be one step closer to the real reason she joined The Agency: finding their number one most wanted criminal…

Her father.

  • CATCH in part comes from my love for all things, shows, and books heist-y but is most similar to Ally Carter’s Embassy Row meets Burn Notice meets Leverage.
  • It starts in Egypt/ends in Boston, spanning several continents as Jenna recruits her team and uncovers clues leading to the artifact’s location (in a very Ocean’s Eleven way).
  • Along the way, you learn more about Jenna’s backstory and why she is the way she is.
  • There’s a lot of focus on family and friendship, but also romantic tension (and just plain I want to kill you tension) between Jenna and Nathan, the grifter she recruits for her team (because he’s the best), even though he once betrayed her and likely will again.