Genre: MG Sci-Fi with a Fantasy twist

Status: Rewriting


As the youngest in a family of spies, twelve-year-old Alex de Vega is always left with her NannyBot while her family embarks on dangerous missions. Skilled at inventing new gadgets (a talent her parents think is unnecessary), Alex dreams of the day she’ll get to join. When her sister disappears on a mission, The Agency—New Atlantis’s Secret Intelligence Service—charges her with stealing Pandora’s Box, a high tech energy cube meant to power their world for generations. With Alex’s parents and brother deep undercover, Alex and her best friend + sidekick James are her sister’s only hope.

What starts out as a simple rescue mission, quickly becomes deadly. Pandora’s Box isn’t just an energy cube. It’s a ticking time bomb that must be stabilized with a sequence known only by the scientist who invented it…a man who just turned up dead. To save their world and uncover a sinister plot to destroy it, Alex and James must harness their skills to become the spies they never were. Along the way they’ll join forces with Sindri—a secret agent from another organization—and McKenna—the mayor’s know-it-all daughter, to go undercover at the faerie king’s lair, steal a lotus from the Mer Queen’s enchanted garden, and get a half-octopus witch to hand over the scientist’s memories before Pandora’s Box goes KAboom!

If they fail, it’s game over. But if they succeed they’ll not only gain new friends, but they’ll finally prove to their families that youngest doesn’t mean you get left behind.

THE PANDORA JOB is the world of Artemis Fowl meets Kim Possible. It will appeal to those fans as well as readers of Stuart Gibbs’s Spy School, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and Rachel Searles’s The Lost Planet.

This story + these characters mean the world to me.

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  • Although THE PANDORA JOB a standalone, I have ideas + am working on a synopsis for book two, as I hope there will be one. Heere are some tidbits:
    •  A stolen enchanted faerie book that Alex & co must find + (grim) fairy tales leaping out of its pages and coming to life + a journey through faelands in other nations (aka they’re leaving New Atlantis) = THE ONCE UPON A TIME JOB
    • You’ll get to see and learn more of/about Sindri, who’s this very mysterious character in THE PANDORA JOB
    • You’ll also get to see more of the Seelie + Unseelie Courts and the dynamics between the two devious rulers

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