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Hi, I’m Patrice!

…a 21 year old introvert gone wild, meaning as social as I might seem deep down I’ll always love to curl up in my bed and enjoy a good book. I attend Wellesley College (Senior!), and I’m majoring in Political Science & English with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Writing is the fire that gets me going, and reading, curiosity, and imagination are the kindling that build that fire. I write everything and anything, stories from this world and stories from worlds very different yet similar to our own. However, most of my stories have a dash of speculative fiction. I like using the fantastical to delve into things that are relatable by all.

I believe that while it is quite likely you will fail at something, there is no need to fear failing…failing just means you’re one step closer to success. Fear means you’re one step closer to giving up. So I laugh like my laughter is the cure for all the world’s problems, daydream like my dreams are my reality, and I write and I read and I do me. Because why be someone else when you can be yourself? Unless of course, you can be me (haha, joking really, just be yourself although I’ve heard Aquariuses are pretty awesome people).

It is time for us to stop waiting for the world to validate us and go ahead and validate ourselves…

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. If you want to check out my writer website  where you can view my manuscripts (& other writing) and learn some more about me, see: 🙂




Hi! Thanks 🙂 I actually just talked to the blog’s co-founder, Raven and we decided to get rid of the age requirement. I’m going to make edits to the interview & other posts about the blog but yes, I’d say we’d love to have you apply. There’s going to be a google form we create but email us at operationdiversity(at)gmail(dot)com explaining your interest, background etc…

So glad you loved my post, I’m looking forward to connecting further 🙂


This is a beautiful blog you have. 🙂 I’m excited to read more of your posts and learn about your journey!


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