Hello Readers! Better yet, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

October has been such a wild/crazy/rough/exhausting blur of a month, so while I can’t say I’m sad to see it go I’m not thrilled either as a lot of great things happened.

For instance…

I bought & read some amazing books (epic poem in the case of Paradise Lost):*

booksoctober*Reviews to come (minus Paradise Lost–I did report (i.e. a paper) on that for class). Not pictured are my hardbacks of FALLING INTO PLACE & MIDNIGHT THIEF, I ordered them to my mom’s house in TX.

Which was unfortunate because:

amyandcammieeventCammie McGovern and Amy Zhang came to the Wellesley Bookstore on October 24th! And my copies of their books were at home 🙁

Which was only made better because:

colsonwhiteheadwellelseyColson Whitehead came to Wellesley and I was able to buy Zone One and have him sign it (it’s my first zombie book)!!!

I also traveled to NYC and went to the Strand bookstore (18 miles of books!) where I picked up this wonderful item:

photo 3 (1)I’ll just leave this here for your amusement.

Then I volunteered at the Boston Book Festival:

photo 5 (1)

And crossed an item off my bucket list (not that I actually have one):

Oh, and me and some fellow students won money from our college government (voted on by the student body) to start a series of monthly “Guerrilla Art” workshops, for students by students.

I hear the first one might be creative writing!

But best of all…

photo 3 (2)I got to spend lots of time with friends doing things such as being super artsy by take photos of photos of us inside a picture frame that we took with a Polaroid camera.


photo 2I got my life back on track i.e. my master to-do list is complete *claps* *cheers* It took me all week but at least I decided to not pull that all-nighter–see below.

Also, if you haven’t seen the We Need Diverse Books* campaign video yet, you need to. 

Indiegogo Campaign Page | Website | Twitter | Tumblr

Happy Halloween (Be safe & have fun)!

hocuspocusI assume they need no introduction but just in case.

*I am not at all affiliated with the WNDB campaign, so it’s not my job to endorse them I just think what they’re doing is really great!

See you tomorrow for the reveal of my NaNoWriMo project and other such fun!!

Whimsically Yours,


Written by Patrice

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