Hey, Readers! Happy Sunday. So, I recently read an amazing book, and I was like, I should review this. However, review didn’t sound quite right. I don’t want to rank this book, I want to shout how much I love it to the world. That got me thinking about how with my SHC client, Dahlia Adler’s book I wrote a post about the things I love most. It was a different format, but it enabled me to forget about rating a book (because when you’re in love with a novel 5 stars owls, don’t do it justice.) Hence, “the book gush,” which comes in any format I want, because the most important thing to me is getting others to read the books I love.

Book Blurb

A jinni. A princess. And the wish that changes everything. . . . 

Two weeks ago I interviewed Amber Lough, the author of The Fire Wish. At that time I’d just finished reading the book, and I was head over heels in love. Amber Lough’s amazing, y’all. You really have to check out the interview. In it there’s a part where she talks about how she made the book dual POV, how, initially it was only Najwa’s side of things, and, at first, I was like, why didn’t you leave it that way? (*Listen you can love a book and not love a character. I’m the queen of loving unlikable characters and, compared to Najwa, Zayele did nothing for me.*) But, in the interview, she talks about how her CP wanted to know what happened to the princess and how it challenged her to recreated the story and make the book better. I was like, alright, and so I reread the book (which is why I’m just now posting this). And, I’m so glad I did, because now I want to reread it over and over again.

This is a fantasy that plunges you into the characters’ worlds. It’s gorgeously diverse, the kind of organic diversity that made me fall in love with Alaya Dawn Johnson’s YA Cyberpunk, The Summer Prince. And if you ever asked me for a book rec last year, you know how much I loved, I championed, I needed that book in my life.

A book about Jinnis, and not Aladdin-esque genies (although he’s based off original myths), but real freaking jinnis (!!!). You can bet when I first heard about this book I was like


But, I was already hyperventilating. And when I got a copy of the book, I was floored. Like, she did it. This is a story about a princess and jinni who switch places, like who even thinks about an idea like that?? (with The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday being two of my favorite movies, I was doubly sold)

harrywhoareyouYeah, young Harry understands (btw, isn’t he adorable).

You see, at first I thought Najwa was pretty awesome by herself, but the more you read, really read the book you see how each girl complements the other so well. It would’ve been weird to just forget about Zayele when she’s so fascinating and impulsive. Najwa is quieter. I suppose you could say she’s more “obedient,” of course if that was really true, there wouldn’t have been a story to begin with. Zayele is also fierce. I guess I was mad at her, at first, for wanting to escape from this marriage when the guy was her age and smart and not marrying him would bring dishonor to her family.


Come on, you were thinking it.

But, to be honest, she’s real. I say I would’ve gone along with it now, but I don’t know what I would do until I’m in that situation.

The writing is gorgeous yet brief, if that’s the write word. Lough is able to convey, masterfully, descriptions, emotions, etc…in this majestical way without dragging on for paragraph after paragraph, a trap that’s easy for fantasy authors to fall into.

You want romance, it’s there too. You get to watch two girls fall in love with the very people they should NOT be in love with, and boy is it totally worth it. Each chapter is a cliffhanger in and of itself. I found myself saying, this is the last chapter I’m reading, at 2am one morning when I had to be up by 8am.


You guessed it. I read the entire thing.

And just to add a little more to the mix, The Fire Wish has such a conniving, a-hole of a villain. I guessed who it would be from the character’s first moment on page. What a, UGH, forget it. If I could’ve hexed that character I would’ve.

Anyway, it’d be really nice if I could have that second book now. Please. Lough’s hint at the end of our interview really hasn’t made the wait any easier to bear.

kept waiting bellatrix

Here’s the link to the interview, in case you’re curious (which you totally are):

Oh, and be sure to add the book to your Goodreads to-reads.

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P.S.  If you’re still not convinced, the book was blurbed by Tamora Pierce. *drops mic*

*This is a 100% honest review (I don’t get any money from the author, retailers, etc…). I received a copy to read and review thanks to NetGalley & the publisher.*

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