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I have a confession to make.

…I no longer love blogging.

However that confession isn’t the true (or full) story.

The truth is this: When I started this blog, 2 years ago, I knew, in my heart of hearts, I had begun something special. I am, or I was, what they call a serial hobbier. Meaning, I pick up hobbies like a fashionista collects shoes. And like that fashonista, I when the shoes are out of season (or hobbies in my case) I drop them like it’s hot. But I’ve had this blog for TWO years. And I’ve been calling myself a writer for almost the same amount of time. It has been a whirlwind, absolutely amazing, a dream. But like all dreams, some things must come to an end. You’re probably thinking this is when I’m going to tell you I’m done with blogging. Well…think again.

You see, it’s not that I don’t love blogging. That’s an oversimplification. I don’t like blogging the way I’ve been doing, I’ve been approaching it this past year. I used to blog about EVERYTHING. Fashion. Politics. Movies. Books. Baking. Whatever suited my mood at the time. But, I guess, over time I thought I had to write a certain way. I thought I had to make my blog fit into a niche, if you will. And by structuring my book reviews like other book blogger’s reviews, and by writing more about writing and writing less (the irony is not lost on me), I took the life from my blog…sucked it dry like how Edward wanted to suck Bella dry when he first met her (#horriblesimiles).

And so blogging became a chore. I mean look at my recent posts, there barely are any. I had to set reminders about posts. Like what? If you can remember, if there’s no nagging sensation that’s probably a sign it’s something you don’t enjoy and don’t want to remember.

But…today, when I should’ve been listening to my Art History Prof talk about whether some Renaissance painting had Byzantine influences or not (Dear Lord, save me from this summer class) but was on Twitter, I was inspired to make a change (cue Michael Jackson).

Thank you, Tahereh Mafi for the wakeup call.

From here on out, I’ll be going back to the old Whimsically Yours. Not sure what that means? Watch and find out 😉

I just wanna have fun with this again. I miss all the interviews I used to do (so if you’re an author or writer reading this (who I haven’t interviewed), feel free to contact me…  I want to get back to talking about real shit, forgive my french. I want to gush about books I love, F*** structure, I want rant about I’m sick and tired of whitewashing, I want this to be MY blog again. I write the books I want to read knowing fully well that it might be a challenge to get the published (*cough, cough Urban Fantasy…*writer tears*). It’s about time I started applying that to my blogging.

I share all of this, because I want to, and because there is no better time than now, with the market (especially for YA books) being more crowded than ever, with more people blogging than ever, etc…to say, you HAVE to do what you LOVE doing. Don’t bother doing if you don’t. One day (or v. boring afternoon in class) you’ll wake up and realize, you’re living a lie. And that, my friends, hurts.

Follow your passions. That’s how I’ve met so many amazing writers and readers. I look forward to connecting with even more fantabulous people with Whimsically Yours 3.0: taking from the past & moving forward (how cheesy, right? don’t worry it’s not my actual title).

Whimsically Yours,


Time to get down to business…yes, I’m a cheeseball.

Written by Patrice



Good for you, Patrice! You know how to keep your priorities in order. Your blog should be something that enhances your life not drags it down. I look forward to reading your upcoming 3.0 posts!

Erin L. Schneider

I absolutely LOVE that quote at the top of your post – so much so, I have it framed and hanging on my wall!

Good for you, Patrice – I know how exhausting it can be to keep up with all the social media and start to stray from what you love most. I can’t wait to see what you come up with and I hope it’s exactly the change you need. And – I’d love to do an interview with you someday; just let me know!


Thanks, Erin! I should get it framed, it’s perfect!

As for the interview, I was going to ask you myself 😀 I’ll DM you around/near August to sort out details. Take care!!

Laura W.

I’ve had something of the same problem. I’ve been almost relieved not to have internet lately because at least I don’t have to blog! But that’s not a great thing.


Oh, same, I agree…I’ve been traveling and swamped so, internet, social media, emails, LOL, are basically nonexistent in my life, at least they were before this week…I’m getting back to everything, but it was relaxing.


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