BtSAs many of you know, today’s the publication day of BEHIND THE SCENES by Dahlia Adler! And as Dahlia’s publicist I’ve had the honor of working with her since the beginning of this year on her wonderful debut!!

When I was thinking about what to post, what to say about the release of my first Spencer Hill Contemporary client’s book, I thought of a review. But of course since I’m technically paid to promote her book, I figured no one would take the 5 Owl review I was going to give it seriously. So I settled on talking about the 7 things I love about BEHIND THE SCENES. You may take my words as lightly as you wish, but I hope they convince you to give Dahlia’s book a chance. It won me over with it’s first chapter (& I’m not a big contemporary reader), so that must mean something, right?

THE 7 THINGS (in no particular order):

30ac18106c0fb794c53db812e64839041. It’s written by Dahlia Adler. Come on, you know I had to say it. I’ll never forget when I was just an intern at SHC and I saw the announcement of Dahlia’s three book deal. I was overjoyed. I mean, Dahlia’s practically Twitter royalty, LOL. I got promoted to publicist at the end of 2013 just around the time we were assigning books. I’m pretty sure, no, I’m positive I begged to become Dahlia’s publicist. I knew with the way she talks and interacts with people on Twitter than any book written by her was sure to be hilarious, have lots of kissing, hotties, and a great cast. And boy was I right 😀

2. Ally. Ally is the protagonist of the book. In order to raise money to attend her dream school, Columbia University, in the wake of her father’s illness, she takes a position as assistant to her famous best friend, Vanessa. Ally is stubborn. She judges people hard. And she pretty much sticks to her opinions about Hollywood until the end. That’s why I love her. She makes mistakes. She’s real & honest. She gets thrown into a world that she knows changes people. So often we see shows or read books where the MC strives to be like the glamourous A-listers, but not Ally and it was nice to see someone who acted more like I thought I would have if put in situations like the ones she undergoes.

3. Liam (*cough, cough Liam’s abs). Alright, seriously, he’s like freaking perfect!!! f8c89ee7676825eecfd5f472367e8bbaWHY??? Hehe, but I love it. –> Matt Lanter (Dahlia’s Liam inspiration)

He’s smart, hot, and he strives to distance himself from the Hollywood crowd even though he’s been in the limelight since he was little. My favorite part (okay. other than the kissy scenes & the ending) was when he takes off his shirt and throws it at Ally (they barely even know each other at that point). I swooned several times, my heart was is flimsy thing.

4. The family dynamic. Too often in YA books family is sacrificed for romance. Dahlia is one of those authors who can deftly blend family, friends, romance, and the other realities of being a teen without sacrificing anything. I have younger siblings so I’m a sucker for sibling relationships. The way Ally stood up for Lucy and interacted with her, touched my heart. And the relationship with her mom & dad reminded me so much of my own. It was one of my favorites parts about the book.

5. The friendship. This ties in to #2–it’s rare you see a friendship portrayed where one friend lives glamorously and the other doesn’t where neither of them is jealous of the other. That of course is tested throughout the story, but it’s one of the stories defining features. And Vanessa is such a good friend. It really just goes to show that true friends are there for each other no matter what. It doesn’t matter how big the fight is, being friends with someone means you’re willing to take the time to work things out. I appreciated seeing a YA story that also balanced a strong friendship with a strong romance 🙂

download6. French. Duh. Je parle français et j’aime que le roman la façon dont le français était dans le roman (highly possible there’s some grammatical errors…I’m a little rusty). But, basically I love French language and culture. I spent half my life in a classroom studying it. My parents said I should’ve learned Spanish (I probably should’ve learned both), but I’m glad books like BEHIND THE SCENES support my love for French, haha. (And, yes, I found Liam speaking it (or trying to) utterly sexy. Sue me.)

7. Last but not least this book challenges its reader(s). By that I mean it challenges popular standards such as how white Hollywood is, teens can’t have sex, do drugs, etc…and be okay. Dahlia presented real teens with very real dreams with no judgement attached (unless it is from other characters or ourselves) I know for me, challenging would be one of the highest compliments I could receive, so when I use it I hope you know, I really do mean it. I appreciate a book that makes you giggle, cry, yell, and rethink your beliefs. Dahlia handled it all so very well.

*Bonus: There is a macaron reference. J’adore les macarons. Especially the ones from Modern Pastry (North End–Boston).

Want to purchase BEHIND THE SCENES? Why of course you do!

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*Dahlia can also autograph copies of BtS using Authorgraph

About the Author

Dahlia Adler is an Assistant Editor of Mathematics by day, a Copy Editor by night, and a YA author and blogger at every spare moment in between. You can find her on Twitter at @MissDahlELama, and blogging at The Daily DahliaYA Misfits, and Barnes & Nobles. She lives in New York City with her husband and their overstuffed bookshelves. Behind the Scenes is her debut novel.

Here’s to Dahlia rocking her publication day & week! She already had an amazing launch party & I can’t wait to see and be a part of the rest of her journey!!

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