Screenshot from Oh Land’s musical video for “Renaissance Girls” (don’t they look like bosses?)

I recently discovered Oh Land’s song “Renaissance Girls” (technically I recently discovered Oh Land). It’s a song that speaks to me, and, I suspect, the multitudes of people like me because although we have been taught that we should do one thing and become very good at that one thing many of us have many interests. One of my favorite characters is Eliot Spencer from Leverage. The show’s amazing. All the characters are, and they routinely play to stereotypes and then break them. But, Elliot. Oh man. You cannot peg him. Just as soon as you think you know him, he gives a long talk about the best wine to go with a certain dish and then, two minutes later, single handedly defeats a mob of guys (who have guns) without a gun.

“Renaissance Girls” is a call to action. “Be bold, be brave, and be yourself.” We are multifaceted individuals. Having many interests doesn’t mean you’re a two-timer or fake or whatever words are used to describe, mostly women, who “play the field” using multiple tools. (Writer’s Note: I don’t mean that sexually although I now realize it has the potential for a “that’s what she said joke.”)

Enjoy the song. (You’re probably thinking, gosh after all that it had better be worth it. Haha, well, there are funky dance moves, 90’s inspired costumes, and cute kids…what can I say, I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff) 😉

What are some music videos (or simply songs) that inspire you?

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Written by Patrice

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