We were so young, you and I.

I remember you playing ball,

standing mighty and tall

and me,

wishing I could only be

nearly as mighty and tall as thee.

I grew up and forgot about you.

Yet, still our lives were like two cars

racing into oblivion on an open-country road.

We took the turns a little too fast,

spinning out of control, forgetting our past.

Too wild to be saved,

until we found a way to stop.

Scathed though we were,

we walked from the fire.

After many years, I saw you again.

You laughed, saying how much I’d grown.

I laughed. How short you were, I’d never known.

All’s well that ends well, I thought.

Our battles had been truly well fought.

We were like phoenixes, you and I,

reborn anew, not ready to die.

Yet, Life has a way of having the final laugh

for here I sit and there you lie,

ever connected yet apart.

I guess your car was past time to restart.

RIP Reginald 1985-2014

Written by Patrice


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