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Hope your summer is going well! I’ve been writing, editing, and getting caught up on book reviews but never fear because The Weekly Fashionista is baaaaaaaack!!!

And boy do I have a ton of summer fun posts for you 🙂


It took a year but welcome back to Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) for part 2: Sandals! (read Part 1: Sunglasses)

Sandals…a summertime necessity. As the American Actress, Zoe Saldana once said, “I don’t like things like little sandals that look fragile. I like to look strong and commanding.” It is with this in mind, I write this post.

Sandals are the ultimate statement “accessory”. And for the purpose of this post, I’m going to widen the definition of sandals and include wedges as well as many types of open-toed “sandal-like” shoes (even though I know some of you don’t consider those to be sandals).

The Wedge

A perfect choice to dress up any outfit, they’re especially good for graduation(s) (heels on grass/bleachers…no thank you!) or even those new jeans!


patterned wedge

Add a little spice to your look with these patterned wedges,

a perfect way to dress up a casual outfit.

Splendid wedges

Splendid.com, Kikka wedges, $128

Source: WireImage, Bauer-Griffin Online

Solids Simplify your life with a solid wedge…

and they can really brighten up your wardrobe.solids are great because they go with almost everything

For instance,

check out this solid wedge from Forever 21,

it’s coral (one of the colors of the season)

& it’s only $29.80!


Flats can be a wonderful way to relax while still looking cute. I can’t stand when my foot slides around in shoes so I’ve picked out some of my favorite flats that while thin are still supportive.

southwestern sandals

Try the Southwestern Thong Sandals ($14.80) from Forever 21, pictured left.


This Sam Edelman ‘Gabrianna’ Sandal ($129.95 Nordstrom),


for a comfortable yet cool (very detailed beading patterns) fit!

What are your favorite summer sandal choices???

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. Check in next week for The Weekly Fashionista: Maxi Madness (yikes!)


Written by Patrice



Ohhhhhh I love your picks! Personally, I can’t walk around in heels all day so the wedge really helps give me the boost in height without the pain.

PS – Happy Thursday to you too :’)


Thanks!!!! I completely understand, I have friends who can do it but heels all day just doesn’t work or for me. Wedges on the other hand can be very comfortable & just as stylish!


Thanks! I think it may be my favorite out of all the sandals, I love the simplicity of it & the stripes.


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