When 9/11 happened although I remember where it was, I honestly was too little to remember all the details. But when this happened, I was sitting on the top of Sev Green (Wellesley College). My friends and I had just finished cheering on the runners at our classic scream tunnel, since Wellesley is the half point, and having a huge dance party & BBQ on Munger Meadow. We were chilling, some of us were smoking hookah, some were half asleep and then it happened. One bomb went off and instantly all of the days fun was forgotten. Instead we began wondering about our friend who was running the Boston Marathon as well as the bystanders and other participants. Luckily my friend was okay but for many others that was not the case…let us bond together in support of those injured and lost in the aftermath.

Stay strong Boston, Wellesley loves you!!

Whimsically Yours,


Written by Patrice

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