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Yesterday, I joined SA Larsen and a growing list of writers by pledging to honor SA Larsen’s 2013 ReBEl Writer’s Creed!


The most important ones to me as well as the ones I’ve struggled with the most are “BE me” and BE a writer everyday”. 

In this industry it’s so easy for writers, for me, to compare ourselves to others and see our lack of measuring up to the success of others as a failure. 

As for being a writer everyday well the simplest way to accomplish that is to just write, everyday. Unfortunately that isn’t always as easy as it sounds when instead of waking up to write I could sleep in a little later or watch a favorite TV show.  In fact it’s often much easier to create excuses, such as saying my WIP isn’t good enough or blaming writer’s block, for why I can’t or shouldn’t write.

This year I’m doing away with all that and in addition to the above writer’s creed am pledging to live without regrets.  So here’s to writing and living to the fullest (without being reckless)!  And if you’re interested in joining me and many other writers, take the pledge today!!!

Are you taking the pledge?  What are your writing and/or blogging pledges for this year?

Whimsically Yours,


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Written by Patrice


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