Reblog of post from my writer’s site…some advice to fellow writers as a result of an email I received.

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I’ve been following Patrice Caldwell’s blog for some months now. She has a great grasp and focus on what type of writer she wants to be. It is inspiring to watch her success unfold. I, on the other hand, have some problem embracing what type of writer I am. I read lots of books on writing with the following advice, “write what you know” or “focus on a particular type of writing” or “focus on a niche” the advice goes on for years. I love dabbling in everything. Now I’m not saying I’m good at all types of writing or, but I like to at least try, and in the process it’s been kind of fun to figure out where my strengths and where my weaknesses lie.
Anyway, this was a great post in response to my questions. Check it out. It may help you too 😉
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