I really like this post because writing is such a huge process, and I think it’s always great to know where you began and note your improvements and what you still need to work on.

When I was in eight grade I thought I was the best writer in the world, until my teacher handed me back a paper with a C on it. I don’t make Cs, or at least I didn’t, I was horrified. She had written all over my paper basically saying: Great ideas, great story, horrible grammar. So I pushed it aside and said whatever until I got another bad grade. Then I realized that grammar is something I really need to work on; it’s something I struggled with then and still do now.

As a writer you have to understand the rules of grammar, that way you can break them. As me anything about figurative language, descriptions, etc…I’ve got you (I’m actually a beast with figurative language), but as to commas, I can edit your paper. I understand grammar well when it comes to the work of others but as for my own, I seem to still have a problem with commas and such. However I am working on it, especially since I’m actually a writer now, one who is editing her manuscript now and will be looking for an agent soon. I cannot have bad grammar be the thing that keeps me from achieving my goals.

So what am I going to do about it? I’m going to start doing exercises out of my eighth grade grammar book (yes, I still have it) because I want to give myself and my stories the best fighting chance they can get.

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Written by Patrice

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