When I first became interested in being a professional writer, I heard this title or categorization being thrown around.  At first I didn’t understand it then I was like, “okay”, so I started using this title as well.

Until I realized how silly I sounded.

Some of you might have already guessed what I’m talking about but for those of you who have not the words are: Aspiring Writer.

Can someone please define what an aspiring writer is?  I’m not trying to make people feel bad, or maybe I am, remember I used to use those words to describe myself; I’m just as guilty.

I guess I wouldn’t mind the “phrase” so much if it didn’t seem like almost everyone calls themself an aspiring writer has written something before.  And I don’t just mean a text message, even though that could count, just pretend I’m putting on my partial literary snob nose for a second.

Most aspiring writers are bloggers or they are working on some sort of “writing project”; they might even be an MFA student.  Then there are others who just talk about how badly they want to write something.

So to channel my inner Nike (the goddess and the brand) and to keep this short and sweet:

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Whimsically Yours,


Written by Patrice

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