If you are are looking for a handbag and need one that is versatile, roomy, stylish, and affordable

the Longchamp “Le Pliage” totes are a must buy.

What I like about them:

The “Le Pliage” totes are without a doubt the most well known of the French company’s products. With their vinyl and leather makeup these totes were originally marketed as fashionable and easily storable travel bags. However now they have become a fashion staple for every modern day woman.

I love the vinyl because it’s easy clean and does not require much maintenance. Also the “Le Pliage” totes come in many sizes, almost every color you can think of, and there are ones with some really unique designs.

Prices and where to buy:

The prices range from $98 for the smaller versions to $145 for the large totes. You can buy them online at Longchamp.com, Nordstrom (online or in store), and Amazon.com.
🙂 Go buy yours today…happy travels!

Whimsically Yours,

Written by Patrice

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