I don’t know when I’ll be going to Comic-Con International but when I do I think I’ll go dressed as her ­čÖé

I’m so excited!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Comic-Con and always planned to but I’ve never been able to decided what/who I wanted to dress up as. Marvel’s handy-dandy create-your-own Superhero┬á(*cough *cough – villain) the day has been saved. Of course I first have to find out how to make it etc…

BTW…any suggestions on supervillain names? (villains are the best)

She is too much of a combination of too many of my favorite supers for me to come up with one so I just named her Whimsically Yours lol (not that frightening).

Whimsically (or maybe disastrously) Yours,


Written by Patrice

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