Not everyone can afford a $150,000 Louis Vuitton “trash” aka Urban Satchel handbag.

(Of course hopefully not many people want to)

Trust me I understand. But from years of diligence and planning I have amassed what I consider to be a pretty good designer purse collection.

No I don’t have any Louis Vuitton’s, but that’s mainly because I just started liking them. In the Budget Fashionista I will pick a topic such as handbags and give my current ratings for for the top handbags.

These handbags will not only be stylish but they will also fall into the category of “if you can only have one then you’d better pick me”.

SO…stay tuned and look for the first post to be up tomorrow (that would be 7/14/2012 for me)!

I can’t wait!!!

Whimsically Yours,


Written by Patrice

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