Dora the Explorer…what can I say about her.  She has not only invaded my dreams but my conscious life as well, as I sometimes find myself humming along to her theme song.  My sisters love Dora, even the 9 year old who won’t admit it.  I think we have half of her episodes of VHS/DVD and as for the rest they are on our Netflix instant queue.

Saying that I hate her would A) be a waste of energy and B) utterly false.  While I might not be a fan, I think I secretly love it when she constantly asks where are we going when she already knows the answer.  HAHAHA, yeah right…I cannot stand her.  Why can’t kids go back to watching shows like Recess or Arthur…when did the 90s stop being cool, I mean everyone seems to be wearing 90s fashions all of the time, it can only be a matter of time before we go back to 90s shows…right?

Well anyway, I gave up, a long time ago, trying to convert people back to the time when Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! ruled supreme, instead of shows like Beyblade or Bakugan (I can’t stand those shows either but that’s a post for another time).

So instead here is this video…I’m sure it will give you the giggles 🙂


Written by Patrice

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