The Maze

By: Patrice Caldwell

Click, clack, click, clack these are the sounds of the maze.

Giggle, gaggle, giggle, gaggle, these are the sounds of the maze.


Beware the maze, the old man said to his children one sunny day:

It will lure you, then it will trap you

taking your soul away.

But why, Papa his young girl said

tell us more, we do not understand.

And try as he might he could never make them understand

the dangers of the maze.


You see the maze is something that every one, one day, must tackle

For some the maze is scattered with flowers;

flowers and jewels and maybe a map or two

And for others the maze has prickers and thorns

and beasts at every turn.


But regardless of how gilded the maze might seem

one would do well to remember that in the end

the maze is still the maze.


I would tell you, my child, to beware the maze,

as the old man told his children,

one sunny, sunny day.


But futile it would be

for in the end the maze always wins; 

luring in every bright eyed boy and girl

in search of the riches their dreams have held.


Yet they would be wise to never forget

that every maze, no matter its appearance, 

needs mice to run in search of cheese.


So instead, my love, I will just say this:


When it is your turn to enter the maze

remember to do this one thing:


Take in some items to leave within

so that one day, when you are tired but not yet broken,

like Hansel and Gretel or Theseus and the Minotaur 

you too may come home safe but maybe not so sound

to tell your children of the dangers of the maze.


And one day,

maybe they 

will listen.


Written by Patrice


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