I have this sort of obsession with quotes, I love finding quotes that inspire me and placing them in various places, phone & computer backgrounds, Facebook page etc… For the past couple months I have been especially obsessed with the quotes of Albert Einstein, he was such a brilliant man! But today I happened upon this quote by George Bernard Shaw, author of the play that inspred my favorite movie (My Fair Lady).

As stated in the picture above the quote is “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” I think it is such a wonderful quote. Often times people seem to always be in search of “who they really are”. As a college student, I get tons of pressure to find that out. I always seem to be on the look for the next puzzle piece to who I “truly” am.

However as the writer I am, I would rather spend my time creating new things rather than searching for something that is suppose to already exist for as Toni Morrison once said,And so like I said I would rather create things than search for them.

So I think my challenge for now on will be to focus more on creating myself rather than trying to find out who I am. People who are successful do not wait until one day when they find out who they are suppose to be and then go with that path, no, rather they experiment and eventually they have to create a path, thus creating themselves.

So to put that in my own words I think focusing on creating myself will mean that I should focus on what I love to do best: read and write. I plan on spending at least on hour writing per day and by the end of this summer I shall see what I have created!

I accept the challenge…do you??? And if you do what does this quote mean to you and what will your challenge be?

Whimsically Yours,

Written by Patrice